Embroidered Patch - Dairy is Scary 👻

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Embroidered Iron-on Patch

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£6.00 GBP
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👻 Dairy Is Scary 👻

Sometimes humour is the best way to get a strong message across.

Before I went vegan I had been veggie for almost 20 years, I just had no idea the truth behind the industry,I had never questioned milk, how / why it was produced, I didn’t realise that my drinking it meant that there was a calf somewhere going without 

@garyyourofsky greatest speech put me right, I went vegan mid documentary mid-speech.

This quirky patch raises a smile and hopefully raises questions on why dairy is scary.

 Veganise your favourite clothing.  Add a punch of colour and a strong statement.

Looks awesome on denim!

Iron on. We suggest position the patch on the desired area, place a tea towel on top and iron for 3 minutes, remove the tea towel and allow the patch to cool for 1 minute to secure. For extra security, we suggest tacking on the patch with a couple of stitches.

Size: 4 inches at widest points


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