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Viva La Vegan nominated for prestigious VegfestUK vegan awards 2016 - vote now!

We are thrilled that Viva La Vegan has been nominated for Best Vegan Clothing at the VegfestUK Awards 2016, which celebrate the very best of a vegan lifestyle in the UK.

Fashion As Vegan Activism


Viva La Vegan is an upbeat, on trend vegan statement wear brand of apparel and accessories.

Born from our love for animals, a want to positively promote veganism & do our bit for our planet while looking good as we do so.
Our team at VLV are a committed bunch of vegans and eco ambassadors. No stereotypes here just a love of style and contemporary fashion.
With a background in fashion/graphic design for UK & USA high-street brands we make clothes that look and feel great without compromising our ideals.

‘Go Green’ is the new black, compassion the new life-style fashion that’s more than a trend.

Our statement is more than just the slogan on the chest it starts with the seeds of the cotton grown & the welfare of those that are involved in it’s journey through production.

Running since 2007, the awards are one of the highlights of the year for many vegan businesses, organisations, projects and people, with tens of thousands of votes cast each year. 

The VegfestUK organisers added, “With over half a million people identifying as vegan, and half a million veggies actively seeking vegan options, there have been a huge explosion in vegan products, projects and organisations. The VegfestUK Awards 2016 reflect both the quality and diversity within the vegan market today, and to be nominated for an award in 2016 is a huge achievement in itself. The “Best Vegan Clothing” category is hugely contested by some fantastic bands.


We would love it if you voted for us, Viva La Vegan at the link below: