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Wow thank you!!! What an awesome honour Viva La Vegan has been voted:

Best Vegan Fashion 2016 

@ the UK Vegan Awards this Summer, announced at Sheffield Vegan Festival

We are thrilled to have achieved this honor 2 years in a row, ever since Viva La Vegan started!

Thank you for your continued support.
It is great to see people embracing vegan apparel, especially graphic tees as an effective and accessible form of vegan activism, using our torso as a billboard to make a statement , engage people in conversation and to spread the vegan message.


Awards were handed out on the day by the lovely Fiona Oakes


So excited I didn't realise I was holding the award upside down 


We continually have new ideas up our (t-shirt) sleeves so regularly check back and watch this space. 👀
Your continued support is truly appreciated.