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 2018 Summary

So if you check our blogs you will know we've got a lot to learn when it comes to keeping you up-to-date.

So here is me trying to do better.
2018 was a big year for us, we celebrated our 4th year of being a brand, we travelled up and down the country doing over 50 vegan festivals, met some amazing people.

viva la vegan festival


We expanded the line of beautiful Eden perfumes that we sell at festivals from 20 to over 50. (I just can't resist )


We did our first t-shirt collaboration under our 'Vegan Acteevist '  sublabel with animal activist Mooing Mippy, quoting a sentence that I heard Mippy say in an interview with James Aspey after an emotional sit-in at a farm in Australia.

Check out  Mippy's facebook page to follow her amazing AR work:

The quote really resonated with me and needed to be on a t-shirt, needed to be heard:

' The animals, we are their greatest threat but only hope'

... so true, so powerful,

See the tshirt at:



We were delighted and blessed to win 2 new tiles, in July we won
Best vegan Fashion in the Vegan Uk Awards 2018 our 3rd time winning the title in 4 years.

best vegan fashion 2018 vegan awards

and then in October we won Best Vegan Clothing in the Vegfest Awards 2018, our 3rd time winning the honour.  

Thank you so much to everyone that voted for us for both awards. Best vegan clothing is a tough category filled with awesome brands. 
Your continued support is so very appreciated 💚💚💚 
Thank you for supporting eco-ethical clothing, 

Fashion as activism is such an effective way of spreading the vegan message.




We had our  mainstream TV debut with our t-shirts on channel 4 Gogglebox ... a few times by the gorgeous show-regular Louis, a fellow vegan.






Started our much-requested childrenswear line for our smallest tribe members aged 3-12 years old we've got you covered.

  Vegan Tribe Chidrenswear Tshirt


After seeing Louis wearing our t-shirts on TV we contacted him to say thank you, we got chatting and ended up doing an amazing photoshoot in Brighton at the end of the year- It was fantastic fun and new friendships were made.

Find out more about the photoshoot in the next blog post xx


Viva la vegan photoshoot with Louis