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Vintage and pre-owned clothes reloved, reworked and given a new life.


The UK throws away a colossal 1.12 million tons of textile waste into landfill annually, with 1 in 5 of us admitting to throw away a garment after a single use. This wastes not only the garment but all the natural resources and labour that went into to making it.


We at VLV think this is crazy and decided to do our bit to make fashion a bit greener, our main range apparel is already organic with water-based dyes which is a great start but what about all those clothes languishing in the backs of cupboards and bottom draws.


Time To Wage War On Textile Waste

We set out to find and hand pick quality unloved vintage and pre-owned garments and make them fabulous. We give them a bit of love, repair where necessary, hand customise them and give them a new life full of fabulousness.

Each garment is one-of-a-KIND, a unique statement piece that looks great and does it's bit to help the environment.

We trialed our VLVV collection at Glasgow Vegfest and again at Brighton it received a great reception and sold out both times - so full steam ahead we now go...



Go on give a lotta love to a new life garment.

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